Our mission is to create thriving, sustainable performing arts ecosystems.

Isinglass is a Portland, OR non-profit founded in 2012 to develop, pilot and implement programs that promote a healthy arts industry, community and education system. We see the the arts as part of an ecosystem, with each element and node (education, government, funding sources, organizations, etc.) affecting the others in positive and negative ways. If one area is unhealthy or neglected, the others suffer, too. We are committed to improving the health of all elements in Portland's ecosystem, with the ultimate goal of a thriving and vibrant arts industry across the country.


Reinventing arts education from
the ground, up.

Education is one of the most important elements of ensuring that tomorrow we have the core audience needed to sustain a thriving performing arts ecosystem. Isinglass is committed to working alongside educators, advocates and administrators to revitalize and support arts education. Over the last 3 years, we've accomplished a lot, but there's still a long way to go before we can be assured that in the future there will be robust arts programs available to every child.


Working together to take on theatre's biggest challenges.

We dig into data, do research and uncover the facts, and then we distill the information into easily understandable and quotable talking points for advocates, educators and artists. Connecting people and organizations to one another and facilitating mutually beneficial exchanges between them is one of the best ways to create lasting, sustainable change. 


Transforming the way theatre and business work together and create value.

We've developed business solutions inspired by the technique and craft of stage direction, production management and choreography, with the purpose of enhancing leadership and creative investment across all verticals in a corporate environment. Isinglass has combined more than five decades of collective experience in business best practices, entrepreneurship and innovation for Fortune 100 companies, with the expertise and insight of artists who have been working professionally on the national stage for more than 30 years. The result is a series of workshops that will empower teams and leaders to be more critical, more constructive and more innovative in their work.