Mobilizing and connecting communities

At Isinglass, we recognize that sometimes the biggest transformations come from sharing information, building connections and simply activating communities that already care about the arts. That's why we have a focus on facilitating communication between artists, organizations, educators and businesses, disseminating essential data and other resources, and engaging diverse perspectives as we search for new ways to ensure a healthy future for the performing arts.


Dive into the big questions with Isinglass Labs

Isinglass’ Labs are guided brainstorms and research sessions. During a lab, we ask provocative questions of a group of artists and businesspeople, using their expertise to drive forward the conversation about what's next for the performing arts. 

Labs explore issues relating to:

• Audience development and retention
• Programming and the digital stage
• Exploration of arts ecosystems
• Racial and gender equity in the arts
• Funding sources and their responsibility to the arts

The goal of Labs is to generate actionable insight. Each session leads to programs and frameworks that can be put into practice to help make Portland’s arts ecosystem stronger. 


Portland's arts ecosystem

We have to know what the make up of our arts ecosystem is before we can make it healthier. To start the process, we gathered together businessmen, artists, administrators and teachers from more than 10 organizations to discuss what makes a healthy arts ecosystem, and where Portland's falls short.

Theatre's value proposition

To artists, the value of theatre is intrinsic. That isn’t true of the 94.7% of the country who rarely see a theatrical performance. This Lab explored what the value of the art form is to professional artists and arts educators. In 2017, we'll talk to teenagers, and after that to creative professionals who don't go to theatre to get the complete picture.

Future explorations

See what's coming next for Isinglass' Lab series in 2017.

Our labs have included participants from over a dozen businesses and non-profits.

An informed advocate is a successful advocate

Isinglass bases its pilot programs on third-party research. By having a firm grounding in the facts, we can more effectively use our resources to make the greatest impact. As part of our dedication to supporting advocacy efforts in the arts community, we maintain a library of those studies accessible to the public.

Coming soon! Our collection of research studies and other resources for arts advocates.