Future Labs

Labs are how we leverage the expertise of dozens of theatre artists, educators and businessmen to help us solve the toughest problems facing the performing arts in the future, like sustainability, public education, and audience growth and development. Here are some of the big questions we've identified that we're going to explore in the next year.

Integration of the 5th Wall

The barrier between the digital world and the physical world is widely considered the “5th Wall” by professionals tasked with breaching it. As we tell more stories online and through our mobile devices, how can theatre and the performing arts step past the 4th wall and embrace technology as an artistic tool?

Foundation or VC?

The current structure of funding in the non-profit world rewards size and age while disregarding the essential role that smaller, more disruptive organizations play in keeping industries vibrant and nimble. Should non-profit funding be less conservative and more pro-active? 

Monetizing the Artist

The skills an artist brings to bear on their own work and career are precisely the skills that modern business is searching for in their most prized employees: creativity, persistence, self-motivation, efficiency, collaboration and more. Why don’t businesses hire artists, and what can we do to change that?

Strategic Funding

Money makes the world go round, and the non-profit world is not immune. With shrinking resources, it is incumbent on donors and foundations to use their money to achieve the greatest impact. What kind of tools could we create that would enable them to increase the impact of their giving?