Frequently asked questions

Here we've compiled some of the most common questions about Egg from parents and students. Send us an email at if you don't find your answer.


What are the program dates/times?

Egg is currently on hiatus. Check back in January 2019 for more information.

Class begins at 9 AM every day, and ends at 4:30 PM. A couple of times each week we offer free tickets to local theatre productions, with an optional period between the end of class and the show where the teaching assistants and program director work with students in study hall and enjoy a group meal. These days typically end around 10 pm.

Throughout the summer, there are additional opportunities to learn from professional artists we make available to students outside of regular class time.


Where will the program be held?

In 2017, the Egg summer leadership academy in Portland, OR was hosted by Artists Repertory Theater, located at 1515 SW Morrison St. This is the primary facility where classes were held and our students put up their productions. 


What do I need to bring to the program every day?

An open mind and a positive attitude.

The materials students will need are as follows:

  • Academic materials (e.g. readings, plays, handouts) will be provided by the program. Each day, bringing a pen or pencil and a notebook is essential, as well as any school supplies that may be needed (post-its, highlighters, etc.)
  • Clothes need to be comfortable and loose fitting for dancing, moving and engaging in physical activity. Students are expected to be dressed in a professional and respectful manner every day. Clothing with inappropriate language, or that is overly revealing is not allowed.
  • Lunch is not provided. Every day, we have a lunch break and students can either bring their own or walk to local restaurants to purchase food.
  • A laptop, tablet or similar device is needed for some classes. For those students without computers, we have several available for use.

Students are permitted to bring their cell phone. However, use of mobile devices is restricted to times where access is required to accomplish classwork or during a break. If students continue to violate the "no phone" rule, the devices will be confiscated at the beginning of the day and returned when use is appropriate.

May I bring my cell phone?

Yes. In fact, students are put in the position of making their own art multiple times over the course of the summer, both by fully producing shows (in week 4 and week 7) and in afternoon workshops that help them practice skills such as devising, interpreting language through movement and using semiotics and other storytelling tools to express ideas. Every student has the opportunity to fill multiple roles over the course of these productions (directing, design, stage management, etc).

There are two full productions led by students. In week 3, the first round of plays are relatively short (10-15 minutes), and every student gets the opportunity to direct their own show while being supported by their peers in other roles, and vice versa. In week 7, students create a project using the principles of devised theatre, developing it from scratch and then performing it in front of an audience. Local professional actors are provided for both fully-staged productions.

Will we be producing any plays during the program?