Egg is taking a break in 2018 while we work to spread the word about our program and its benefits to both kids and their community. Stay tuned for more news in January 2019!

Egg @ Artist's Repertory Theatre

Take the next step in your artistic development by becoming a creator, producer and advocate for theatre.

Egg @ Artist's Rep is the most holistic summer theatre academy available for high schoolers in the Portland area. During your summer at Egg, you'll learn how to be an artist, a leader and an advocate. If engaging in a tough, ambitious and rigorous professional program designed to prepare you to be a theatre artist and advocate sounds like your thing, this program is where you belong.

The program is currently on pause. Stay tuned for more news in January 2019.

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From one of our 2014 students' productions of John Patrick Shanley's  Let Us Go Out Into That Starry Night.

From one of our 2014 students' productions of John Patrick Shanley's Let Us Go Out Into That Starry Night.

A seven-week theatre leadership intensive for high school students

By intensive, we mean exhausting, exhilarating, rewarding, unforgettable and terrifying. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 7 weeks, you'll study every aspect of theatre-making, across a broad spectrum of the artistic, operational and technical skills needed to bring your vision to life from scratch.


A 360º theatre education

At Egg, you'll learn from some of the top professionals working in the industry in Portland. Every discipline needed to create your own theatre is included, with extensive instruction in the core business of the performing arts industry.



  • Directing
  • Set design
  • Script analysis
  • Theatre history and theory
  • Stage and production management
  • Stage lighting
  • Prop and costume design
  • Technical theatre skills
  • Advanced performance techniques
  • Stage combat
  • Sound & multimedia design


  • Leadership and management
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising and development
  • Budgeting
  • Casting and hiring
  • Advocacy
  • Presentation skills
  • Strategic thinking

Cristi Miles of Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble teaching Viewpoints.

Cristi Miles of Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble teaching Viewpoints.

Learn from the best

As an Egg student, you’ll be taught by professionals from a variety of disciplines. Each day, you will learn with our resident faculty, who, along with teaching the core subjects of the program, also serve as coaches and mentors as you discover your own unique voice. Along with our Resident Faculty, students also have had the opportunity to work with over 30 guest instructors.

A typical day

The program starts with a warm up at 9 am sharp, either a set of warm ups, yoga or another exercise to get energized. Afterward, students learn some of the key business skills any artist needs to be successful, and which play an essential role in the production and presentation of theatre.  The morning is capped off with a guest intensive, where you'll learn from professional artists the ins and outs of advanced techniques in one of the core disciplines of theatre, including acting, directing, design, stage combat, and more.

The afternoon is devoted to focused instruction by our resident faculty in directing, design, stage management and theatre history and theory. While every day at Egg is an adventure, they are usually structured like this:


The most holistic theatre education intensive in Portland


Get your hands dirty.

Fill every role in a production team, from director to stage-hand, and gain a hands-on appreciation for and knowledge of every role involved in making theatre.

Learn the rules. Break the rules.

Dig into material that conveys two semesters of college-level instruction in just 7 weeks, then use your new knowledge to reinvent the way theatre is made.

Help build a movement.

With the help of your teachers, mentors and the Egg staff, develop a project that improves and grows the arts programs in your school.


Become a part of Portland theatre.

Egg students collaborate and work with over 30 artists and leaders from the vibrant Portland professional theatre community. Whether it's engaging in a week-long intensive taught by a prominent artist or theatre organization, or attending an exclusive talkback from the artistic staff or cast of a currently running show, you'll learn from some of the most extraordinary professionals working in Portland today. More than half of Egg alumni have participated in internships or attained part-time jobs in theatre the year following their graduation.

This year, Egg is being produced in partnership with Artist's Repertory Theatre in SW Portland, giving our students access to one of the best theatre spaces and artists in the city.

Applying to Egg

The first step in the admissions process is to fill-out our online application form. You will be asked to fill in some basic information, answer an essay question or two, and submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher, coach, or mentor. After your application is reviewed, qualified applicants will be interviewed by senior staff. Applications are typically accepted between January and March. Currently, Egg is on hiatus. Check back in January 2019 for an update.

Please note, financial aid information will not be requested or provided until after a student is admitted. We are committed to providing equal opportunity for all qualifying students to attend Egg, and will work with you upon your admittance to ensure the program is affordable. Admission to Egg is needs-blind, meaning we process applications and award placement in the program without any student financial information.


We are invested in finding students who demonstrate:

  • a passion for the arts
  • leadership skills and a desire to improve their schools
  • innovative thinking

Some theatrical experience is preferred, but students will be accepted based upon the merits of their application and interview, rather than the strength of their resumé. We do not have a minimum amount of experience required for admission.

The program takes up to 12 students a year, and positions are filled as appropriate candidates are found.


Isinglass is committed to making Egg available to all qualifying students. Total cost per student is $3,000. Most of our students receive scholarships ranging from $1,800 (60%) to $2,850 (95%). Scholarships are awarded on a sliding scale determined by ability to pay (household income).

All financial information and financial aid decisions are made after admittance into the program under our Needs-Blind Admission policy.