Partner with us and bring Egg to your town

Egg is a unique, innovative education program designed to both strengthen theatre education and activate extraordinary teenagers to fight for robust and well-funded arts education programs in our public schools.

If you're interested in partnering with us to bring Egg to your city, please contact us at

What is Egg?

Egg is a combination holistic theatre arts intensive and advocate training program, designed to give extraordinary teenagers in a community the tools to bring student-led theatre back to their peers in high school, and the confidence and techniques necessary to lead advocacy efforts in their community. During 7 weeks in the summer, we teach 10-12 high schoolers how to design, direct, analyze, manage and produce theatre. In addition to those artistic and technical skills we include instruction in budgeting, marketing, leadership and training in activism and advocacy. When graduates return to their high school in the fall, Isinglass follows, supporting them as they implement innovative advocacy projects designed to strengthen arts education in their school, their district and their community.

Make Egg a part of your education programming

The Egg theatre leadership academy is operated by Isinglass in partnership with any established, local theatre group which hosts and helps to fund the program. There are a variety of reasons that it makes sense to partner with Isinglass to create your education initiative, or enhance your existing program with the Egg curriculum. Currently we are partnering with Artist's Repertory Theatre in Portland OR. for Egg 2017.


Rigorous curriculum

Between 2014 and 2016, Isinglass invested countless hours and over $100,000 developing and perfecting Egg. The curriculum is the result of over 50 educators, activists and artists working together to shape an ambitious curriculum with clear outcomes.

Cascading impact

Because of our unique holistic focus and ongoing teen advocacy goals, the program delivers a real impact on the local schools with a comparatively low cost. That benefit builds over the years, as your city's corps of young arts advocates grows, and the knowledge they bring to their classmates takes root.

Innovative approach

Egg is the only program in the nation with a focus on art, business, and activating teenagers to fight for their right to a theatre education. Our training has been proven to produce young adults with the knowledge, acumen and wherewithal to build communities and affect change in their schools.

Is my region the right fit for Egg?

At this time, the most appropriate location for an Egg program is generally in a region possessing a school system with 5 or more high schools, that also has a theatre organization (or appropriate cultural institution) that can host the program. Every region is different, however. If you're interested in bringing Egg to your community, send us a note at We'd be happy to discuss the possibility of bringing the program to your area.

We are in the process of developing a model for a residential, sleep-away Egg summer academy that can serve as a centralized training location for young leaders from rural and small town schools that do not have the infrastructure or population to support a local program.