Produce your own work

While at Egg, you'll be challenged to take what you've learned and make something extraordinary. You'll have your ingenuity, your classmates, and sometimes as little as $24 and 24 hours to pull together your vision. During the summer, you'll be in charge of—and responsible for—your own work, from whipping up a budget for your show to leading production meetings at the drop of a hat.

Produce work on Artists Rep's stage

This year Egg is being produced in partnership with Artists Repertory Theatre, giving the program access to the company's state-of-the-art theater facilities. All student work will be presented in one of their fully equipped theaters.



Nobody can produce theatre effectively without a grounding in every artistic discipline. That's why we teach more than directing and acting. At Egg, you'll learn design, stage management, production management, and theatre history as well. During the summer, you'll also see at least 7 different plays at theaters all over Portland, and have the opportunity to talk as a group to the professionals involved.


While understanding the principles and history of theatre is important, there's no substitute for actually getting on your feet and doing. Egg allows students almost a dozen opportunities to create work, where they have control over the planning, production and ultimately the performance of the work. During the program, each student is expected to fill every role at least once, if possible, to get a feel for the challenges that face every member of their artistic and production team.


Collaborative Performance Lab
You’ll spend Friday afternoons creating original performances with your classmates. Each week, you’ll be given a list of mandatory criteria and asked to create a piece of theatre with your peers that meets them. Criteria could include:

  • There must be a fight
  • Everyone must be onstage at all times
  • There must be music, but no instruments
  • A moment of absolute stillness
  • A piece of source material

Fail Week

It’s make or break, but usually both.
The fourth week of the program is designed to test what you’ve learned so far, to reveal where you need work and highlight where you shine. Working with their classmates as artistic and production staff, and young professional actors, each student will have one 8-hour day with which to implement a previously developed performance concept for a 10-15 minute show.

Example Failday:
9 to 10 — First Production/design meeting.
10 to 1 — Table work, script analysis and blocking
1 to 2 — Second production/design meeting
2 to 4 — Afternoon rehearsal
4 to 5 — Tech/dress
5 — Show time

Final Productions

It’s showtime.
Over the last week of the program, students will have the opportunity to work with the peers and mentors to devise a fully-staged final performance of an original work. As a group, you will be responsible for every aspect of the production, from directing and design to marketing strategies and budgets.

See below for a gallery of images from some of Egg's previous years' productions.