There is no success without performance.

The key to your business' future growth can be found in the performing arts.

From presentations to sales to storytelling, the most successful businesses already use some of the principles of theatre to achieve results. The benefits of incorporating theatrical disciplines into your business practices and operations goes far beyond performance and presentation. Essential soft skills like collaboration, curiosity, persistence and ingenuity, traits that can often mean the difference between success and failure, are a core element of the training of choreographers, stage directors and production managers.

At Isinglass, part of our mission is to unlock the relationship between art and business, and to reveal the mutual benefits that can come from a partnership between the masters of storytelling and the companies that need it to thrive.

To perform at your best requires the right tools. We can help you develop them.

Our workshops and business education programs use the principles of choreography, stage direction and storytelling to strengthen the creative and cooperative foundation of your business.


Leadership and management

How do you maintain focus on the ground while energizing and encouraging your teams to aim for the sky?

Performance Leadership requires an understanding of psychology, mastery of language and most of all, the skill to give direction without squelching investment and damaging morale. for decades, classical training in stage direction has had the answer.

Culture and confidence

The clearest path to success always leads through a supportive, trusting and confident culture. Nurturing that kind of environment isn't easy.

A Performance Culture can transform your teams across all verticals into a cast and crew, focused on bringing innovative work to fruition no matter what stands in their way. After all, the show must go on.

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Entrepreneurship and innovation

Isinglass' process, developed using decades of theatre and design thinking expertise, does more than inspire your teams to have more confidence in their creativity. Our process gives them a road map for generating, testing, piloting and ultimately implementing those ideas. That's why we call it Purposeful Creativity - the combination of dreaming and doing that is required for any venture or business to be successful.

Harness the power of art for your business

Our staff have employed their art-based design and innovation skills for more than 20 years for companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Proctor and Gamble, New Seasons Markets, Intel, Adidas and more. Whether local to global, small or large, any organization or company can benefit from incorporating the arts into their everyday operations.

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